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Helpful Information 

  • How many judges would we need to provide?  - 1 per 20 gymnasts

  • What level membership do gymnasts need from British Gymnastics   Gymnasts must hold a minimum Bronze membership.

  • Do we need to affiliate to Yorkshire General Gymnastics Association?

      - Yes you do need to affiliate to the General Gymnastics disapline  -            the contact is 

  • What are the entry fee cost for the different competition events?  

      - At the moment the Floor and Vault competitions are £12.50 (if you           also enter the gymnast into a team as well it would be £15), 3 PC =         £18.75 and 4PC = £25

  • What do we do if we've had gymnasts attend competitions in other disciplines but are struggling with the level and would like to try the General 4PC competitions? 

-We've created a table to try guide clubs when moving across disciplines, please see below.

The competitions which are listed next to the GG competition are the highest level that     the gymnasts can compete at, whilst still being able to enter that GG competition. 

*Coaches who feel that their Gymnasts are in a position with exceptional circumstances and without competition options should contact the committee directly and submit supporting information to explain their position.  If the decision is upheld then opportunities to compete as a guest with GG will be provided. 

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