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Q: If we enter our Floor and Vault gymnasts into the 3PC or 4PC GG comps can they still enter the F & V comps too?

A; Yes, the 3 PC and 4 PC comps have been designed by the clubs to give their floor and vault gymnasts an extra challenge, so your gymnasts can continue to enter F & V comps if they participate in the 3 PC & 4 PC GG.


Q;If we enter our gymnasts into the Novice events can they still enter Floor & Vault comps?

A; No, these events have been provided for those who can perform well on all 4 PC equipment so the F& V would not be suitable, however it will be discussed at the next GG meeting if these children could be allowed to enter into the Adv+ category at F&V (since it does not have a training time limit as a guide) should they want an extra competition.


Q;Do I need to move my gymnast up an age group/difficulty level if they won a medal at the lastest F & V competition?

A; If your gymnast won a medal on either floor or vault, but nothing overall, then no.  

However if your gymnast won a place in the overall category and has been invited to the finals competition, then yes.  

You must move the gymnast up a difficulty level if they have attended a final in that year, whilst remaining in the same age group (i.e the same year of competition).  


If gymnast has won an invite to the final in a set of competitions at the end of the year, the following year they may will have moved up an age group, so they can remain in the same level of difficulty (as in essence they will be against older children at the next event) but if they have not moved up an age group they need to move up a difficulty level. 


Please note if there were 3 gymnasts or less at your competition heat event (not a final), this ruling does not apply as they essentially made it to the final by default rather than ability on this occasion.



Q:Can the gymnasts enter any three pieces?  

A :No, the pieces must be floor, vault + 1 (either bar or beam)



Q: Will the gymnasts be up against other gymnasts who train many more hours?

A; No the normal GG training hours rule apply, unless of course the gymnasts are entered in the Adv+ category which does not have a training hours guide aside from 4+ hrs.

Q. If I have entered the GG 3pc & 4 PC (Give it a Go) competition can I then compete in floor and vault as well? 

A.  Yes.  The 3 PC & 4 PC Give it a Go competitions have been designed for the Floor & vault competition gymnasts to give them an additional challenge without having to compete against traditional 4 PC gymnasts


Novice / Novice +

Q: If my gymnasts have previously entered a 4 PC competition in the region (either prior to Covid or during 2021) can they still enter the Novice 4 PC?

A; Yes, but because they need to enter the Novice+ category, as this is for gymnasts who may previously competed at the 4 Pc at introductory level?

Q. If I have competed in the Novice 4PC competition (or the Crystal or the Diamond can I compete floor and vault as part of a team? 

A. No. - it would not be a fair playing field.  GG will look to provide Team opportunities to compete if our clubs decide this is a requirement


Q. If I have competed in 4 piece teams and done bars or beam can I compete floor and vault heats and finals? 

A: Yes if you have competed in the Xmas 4 PC teams event you can compete in the Floor and Vault competitions, irrespective of what apparatus you competed on. 


Q;If my gymnast entered Novice Zinc + last year what competition is suitable for them this year?

A; The Novice +


Q:If my gymnast entered the Novice Zinc last year, does she have to move up the Novice + category since she has now had some experience?

A; No, gymnasts who entered our GG Novice Zinc  last year are welcome to enter the Novice at the June events.   Guidelines for clubs to suggest at what point a gymnast needs to move to Novice + will be provided for 2023.


Q;Does GG have plans to provide any other 4 PC events?

A; GG will try to put on competitions that its clubs request if they feel their children do not currently have events that are suitable for them in the region.  We have drafted up two additional levels of difficulty that would follow on from the Novice levels so that we are prepared to be able to look after those gymnasts looking for this pathway of progression.  Alternatively it would be worth considering what other 4 Pc events are already provided in the region should you be looking for additional events.

If you require any more information or clarification please do not hesitate to let us know.

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