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Competition COVID-19 Procedures 

Please can you ensure that you share this information with your coaches,  any gymnasts over the age of 16 and the parents that will travel to our events to support their children.  It is essential for the well being of our volunteers that this information is communicated please.


Covid Measures Information

We need to ensure that we run all of our events with safety as our main priority following the last 18 months.  Although many measures that we had been adhering to regularly seem to have almost disappeared in some settings, we are duty bound to look after our gymnasts, coaches and supporters.   


We will ensure that we take extra precautions (from a BG perspective - sanitising, cleaning and encouraging the use of masks in small communal areas) alongside our normal risk assessment, as well as any additional requests from the venues that we intend to use.  


We have been advised by the Concord Leisure Centre (our host venue for the four piece GG events in December) that all users of their main hall will need to provide proof of either double vaccination or a recent negative lateral flow test before being allowed into the premises if aged over 16.   This will apply to your coaches as well as the spectators.


Using this process as a model of good practice, we have made the decision to also request the double vaccine/recent negative lateral flow test as an additional measure at our GG Floor and Vault events next month at the Kirkstall Leisure Centre (West Competition Heat) and Eclipse Gymnastics Centre. (East Competition Heat) both on November 7th. 


If you are attending the F & V events it would be appreciated if you can confirm receipt of this information

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